BBC News 01 Aug 12: HBOS whistleblower hits out at bank regulators

The Libor rate-rigging scandal that is currently engulfing the banking sector has led to further condemnation of the behaviour of bankers and calls for criminal prosecutions for those involved.

Among the most vocal is the man who became known as the HBOS whistleblower.

"The people of this country are totally fed up and angry with the continuous greed, dishonesty and wrongdoing of our banks," says Paul Moore, who was head of group regulatory risk at the bank until 2004.

He is calling for "the fullest, most forensic, most transparent 'people's public inquiry'" into the behaviour of banks, and has launched a lobbying group, the New Wilberforce Alliance, to lead a campaign for such an inquiry.

Prime Minister David Cameron has announced a full parliamentary inquiry of the banking sector, as well as a narrower inquiry specifically into the Libor market, but Mr Moore believes this does not go far enough.

"Numerous enforcement actions - criminal, regulatory and civil - should have been and should be taken, including in relation to Barclays Libor fixing," he says.


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