uti.is 25 May 12: Did Kaupthing managers really stay at Robert Tchenguiz house?

No, they didn’t. The story that Kaupthing managers stayed at Robert Tchenguiz’ house has done the rounds in both the UK and the Icelandic media. It sprung from a remark James Edie QC, SFO’s barrister, made at the Wednesday hearing in the judicial review of Robert and his brother, Vincent. I certainly understood Edie’s words to mean that Kaupthing managers had been living at Robert Tchenguiz house. However, I didn’t make use of this remark since I couldn’t quite see why the managers should have stayed with Robert – they had pretty nice houses themselves – and I wanted some further proof of this bizarre choice of abode.

Thursday morning, this story was on print the Telegraph. First thing at the hearing Thursday morning Edie brought this article to the attention of  Lord Justice Thomas, who presides over the case, saying he had no intention to create a misunderstanding. He hadn’t meant that the Kaupthing execs had literally been staying at Robert Tchenguiz’ home, only that they lived in the vicinity of Tchenguiz, in Mayfair. Lord McDonald, representing Robert, said that he and Edie had found it entirely plausible that the execs had preferred Mayfair to Reykjavik.

This little incident and exchange of comments made the Lord Justice chuckle, adding that he had no intention of investigating this little matter any further.

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