uti.is 23/25 Apr 12: The Haarde trial, politicians and accountability

Ex-PM Geir Haarde used harsh words to criticise the Court that found him guilty of one charge, but without a punishment. Claiming the verdict was “laughable, he compared Iceland to Ukraine and the trial of Julia Tymochenko now that he had been held victim to this process, which has taken two years.

There are various views in Iceland regarding the trial. But whatever the opinion, Althingi has at least attempted to place the political accountability for the crash. Ex-PM Gordon Brown can be grateful that the British Parliament isn’t doing anything as drastic to investigate who is to blame for the 5% of GDP that the UK bank collapse in October 2008 cost the UK. The same counts for the US and many European countries.

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Update 25 April: The fall-out of the Haarde trial

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