Update from KSFIOM Liquidators 21 July 2010

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Minutes of Committee of Inspection meeting 29 June ...


Committee of Inspection

Minutes of the Committee of Inspection meeting held on 29 June 2010 are attached.

Report to creditors

A report to creditors summarising the the progress of the liquidation up to 9 July 2010 is in the process of being finalised and will be published on this website shortly.

Depositors Compensation Scheme

This is a reminder that the Scheme Manager has stated that no new claims will be accepted by the DCS after 27 November 2010. Further details can be found at www.dcs.im.

Any depositors of KSFIOM who have not yet submitted a claim to the DCS and for whom it would be beneficial to do so are urged to submit their claim as soon as possible so that they can receive the payments to which they are entitled.

link and attached files here

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