Kaupthing Bank 4 Jan 10: Announcement from Winding-up Committee

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27-29,000 claims against Kaupthing Bank
The six-month period for filing claims against Kaupthing Bank expired on 30 December 2009. The Winding-up Committee of Kaupthing has so far registered approximately 23,000 claims but estimates that a total of 27-29,000 claims were submitted within the deadline.

The Winding-up Committee plans to complete the registration of claims shortly and to publish the list of submitted claims on a secure website for creditors on 22 January 2010. The list of submitted claims will also be made available to creditors at Kaupthing Bank’s offices at Borgartun 26 in Reykjavik. A creditors’ meeting will be held on Friday 29 January at Hilton Hotel Nordica in Reykjavik, where the list of submitted claims and the Winding-up Committee’s position on the submitted claims, as far as possible at that time, will be discussed.

In the last few weeks, approximately 30 employees of the Winding-up Committee have been working on this project, accepting, registering and reviewing the claims submitted. The lowest individual claim already registered is less than 2 euros while the highest claim registered so far is approximately ISK 200 billion. The vast majority of claims already processed come from Germany. Registered claims have been received from 111 countries.

Further information on the creditors’ meeting on 29 January 2010 will be made available on the Bank‘s website: www.kaupthing.com.



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