Important update re contacting KSFIOMDAG, 8 March 2020

Category: Newsflash

For the attention of KSFIOM depositors & bondholders

Due to ongoing health issues, the main contact person for the website is currently indisposed & may not be able to respond to your queries as usual. With a little effort, all the available information re the Final Dividend due to be paid on 31 March (or later if via the DCS) can be found on the bank website and the DCS website .

Further explanations & comments can be found on our two websites - essentially in these 3 threads: & (on 'chat site' - public access) and (on this site, but member log-in required: start on page 5).

Others in our team will do their best to respond to further queries on both sites, but queries submitted via our contact form may well go unanswered. Please do your best to help yourself and fellow depositors as far as possible at this time. And enjoy the dividend when it comes!

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