URGENT REMINDER to all it may concern (notably EPS claimants)

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As noted elsewhere, tomorrow, 5 September 2018 is the last day for submitting claims in the liquidation with proof of debt or - for claims submitted but not yet agreed - supplying any further details that have been requested by the Liquidator. http://www.kaupthingsingers.co.im/2018/july/20july2018/

I am repeating this here as it has come to my notice that depositors who received payment(s) from EPS but failed to submit & have accepted a valid proof of debt after the liquidation was pronounced in May 2009 will NOT have an admitted claim and will therefore be excluded from any future distribution unless urgent action is taken.

After checking with the Liquidator, I can confirm the situation is as follows:

"Any depositor who
1) received EPS payment(s) (before the liquidation) and
2) did not subsequently (after the start of the liquidation on 27 May 2009) submit and have accepted a claim, supported by a completed proof of debt form, either directly or via the DCS, will not have an admitted claim.

Any depositor who was not fully paid out by EPS and has not since recovered the full 100% either
a) never submitted a claim or
b) submitted a claim which has not (as yet) been accepted or
c) has an accepted claim but has failed to notify a change of coordinates so that payments cannot be processed."

In case of doubt on any of these points you should immediately contact the liquidation team by email or teleppone to clarify your status and take any necessary action. The contact details are here: http://www.kaupthingsingers.co.im/2018/august/31august2018/

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