KSFIOM Liquidator 14 April 2018: Quarterly Update

Category: Newsflash

The end is in sight, but the wheels grind slowly ...

"Cash balances decreased by approximately £149,000 during the quarter. Income totalled £12,000. Legal expenses totalled £153,000. Other liquidation expenses totalled £8,000.

Finalisation of the liquidation

I have recently rejected approximately 100 claims which were considered to be invalid. The time for those claimants to object to the rejection of their claims has now passed. I will shortly be applying to Court to set a final date for proving - this will be the final deadline after which no further claims will be considered. The relevant notice will be advertised and posted on the website. Once this deadline has passed, we will begin the process to pay out the final distribution."

See the bank website for a summary of the cash position.

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