KSFIOM Liquidator 23 Jan 2018: Quarterly Update

Category: Newsflash
 GREAT NEWS! Last loan repaid.

During the quarter to 31 Dec 2017, cash balances increased by approximately £4,237,000.

Loan interest and repayments totalled £4,063,000. Other income totalled £283,000. Legal expenses totalled £78,000. Other liquidation expenses totalled £31,000.

Finalisation of the liquidation

Now that the final outstanding loan has been repaid, the only potential further assets are legal claims. I am consulting with lawyers on the merits of continuing those claims, which will need to be determined before bringing the liquidation to a close. I will explain more and set out details of the process in the next six monthly report to creditors which will be prepared shortly.

See the bank website for summaries of the cash & loan book positions.

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