KSFIOM Liquidators 23 Jan 2015: Position at 31 Dec 2014 & future updates

Category: Newsflash

During December 2014, one facility was redeemed in part realising approximately £18,000. Cash balances decreased by approximately £1.1 million during the month, largely due to liquidation expenses.

Future updates

Given that the vast majority of assets have now been realised, there are sometimes very little in the way of developments from month to month. Accordingly, in order to save costs, it has been decided that our standard website updates will, in future, be published quarterly rather than monthly. This means that the next standard update (i.e. with cash and loan book figures) will be issued in April 2015 based on figures to 31 March 2015.

However, the website will be updated for any matters of significance as they arise and the six monthly report to 9 January 2015 will be uploaded in early February.

Details of the cash and loan book positions are available on the KSFIOM website 

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