KSF-UK (E&Y): Administrator's Progress Report April 2011

Category: Newsflash

The 6-monthly report to creditors of KSFUK is now available on the KSFUK website here.  Key points for KSFIOM depositors include:

The next KSFUK dividend of at least 5p/£ is expected to be paid around 24 May 2011 (the amount received by KSFIOM should be included in our next dividend expected later this year).

The  estimate of KSFUK final recovery has increased from 75-84 p/£ to 78-86 p/£ (page 18 of the Report).

Following the resignation of London Transport, KSFIOM (represented by Michael Simpson of PwC) was appointed to the KSF-UK Creditors' Committee on 8 March 2011 (page 18).

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