IOM Examiner 9 Nov 2010: 'Thousands of lives wrecked'

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The thrust of DAG's 3rd Nov Press Release was reported in the 9th Nov edition of the Isle of Man Examiner, as a separate inset alongside the article concerning the amendments to be made to the new (2010) DCS.  This inset was not however included in the online version of the main article published in iomtoday on 8th Nov.

The article, which cites significant extracts from the Press Release, is headed 'Thousands of lives wrecked' and continues:

Two years on from the collapse of the island's Kaupthing Singer & Friedlander bank, one group of depositors insist 'thousands' of lives have been wrecked with people still unable to access their money.

KSFIOM Depositors Action Group dispute figures released by Treasury that three quarters who claimed compensation have got all their money back.

And they are calling for the creation of a loantrust to allow depositors to get 100 per cent of their money back now rather than having to wait for the liquidator to make his final pay-out. .....


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