DST Notice 11 May 2010: Newly rejected claims under the Parental Guarantee

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Information for depositors who lodged claims under the Parental Guarantee on which a decision was held over from the January meeting of the Kaupthing Winding-up Committee (WuC) and who have recently been informed that their claim has been rejected.

We understand that a number of depositors have recently been informed by the WuC that their individual claims made under the Parental Guarantee, deferred in January for consideration later, have (as expected) now been rejected. Objections have to be lodged by 18 May. In order to keep their options open, DST advises those concerned to lodge an objection according to the instructions received (this can be done by email). This applies only to claimants for whom a decision was held over from the January meeting of the WuC.

We would expect these claims to be referred to the Icelandic Courts, as has happened with those rejected in January (see 4 May DST Update here). Our Icelandic lawyers have requested that these cases be deferred until the outcome of the KSFIOM claim is known, since there will be no reason to pursue them if - as we continue to hope - the KSFIOM claim is accepted. We will be asking our representatives to inform us if further action will be needed to reserve the position of the latest rejections in the same way and will keep you informed of any developments and any action to be taken.

Please do not attempt to contact our Icelandic lawyers directly as this will only serve to increase our costs. Queries should be addressed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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