UK Justice Committee 30 March 10: Report on Crown Dependencies

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The Justice Committee Report on the Crown Dependencies was published on 30th March 2010. Its findings with respect to the representation of the IOM in International affairs concur largely with the written evidence submitted by KSFIOM DAG.


Press notice:


In a report released today, Tuesday 30 March 2010 at 10.30 am, the UK Parliament's Justice Committee concludes that the relationship between the UK Government and the Crown Dependencies (the Bailiwicks of Jersey and Guernsey, including Alderney and Sark, and the Isle of Man) is mostly working well but questions remain over the role the UK takes with regard to legislation, international representation and good government in the Islands. ...

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Selected extracts from the Report:

87. In evidence to us in December 2008, Lord Bach confirmed that the UK Government “looks after the interests in international affairs of the Crown Dependencies”, but then appeared to suggest that the Government’s duties in this respect were subsidiary to the interests of the UK.

89. The representation of the interests of the Crown Dependencies on the international stage by the UK Government is not optional, according to whether or not the interests of the Islands are congruent with those of the UK: it is the UK Government’s duty. In cases of conflict, the Ministry of Justice must endeavour to find a mechanism for representation which will faithfully present and serve the interests of both parties.

92. We recommend that the Ministry of Justice considers alternative models for the representation of the interests of the Crown Dependencies internationally. It is imperative that a means is found by which the Islands are represented effectively and we strongly recommend that certain officials, either from the UK or from the Islands, be specifically designated as representing the Islands in international negotiations. ...."

Report available here (JC site)

KSFIOM DAG Submission and JC Report HERE


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